Cap The Gap for Foster Care hosts several different programs throughout the year to help supply the foster children of Sullivan County with unmet needed supplies.  Donations can also be made throughout the year.

  • Annual Christmas Giving Program – Each year, Cap the Gap works with Sullivan County Department of Children’s Services (DCS) and seeks the help of local sponsors and volunteers to fill the Christmas wish list of every foster child in Sullivan County.  Typically, 150 or more children are served. Read more…
  • Birthday Card Program – Each foster child receives a Birthday Card and store gift card from Cap the Gap.
  • Graduation Card Program – East foster child who graduates from high school receives a Graduation Card and store gift card from Cap the Gap.
  • School Supplies – Each year, Cap the Gap provides backpacks with school supplies to children whose foster parents request help.
  • New Clothing and Personal Hygiene Products – When children are taken from their homes without adequate clothing and personal supplies, Cap the Gap provides gift cards for the purchase of needed supplies.
  • Individual Support Provided (Grants) – In addition to ongoing programs and activities, Cap the Gap often responds to individual requests from foster families to help a child attend camp (church, band, academic, sports), rent a tuxedo or purchase a dress to attend prom, purchase a yearbook, participate in a school trip (such as Washington, DC), pay for apartment deposits or dorm fees for kids leaving the program, and more.
  • DCS Facilities – Cap the Gap has had the visitation rooms painted and commissioned the painting of beautiful murals in the child areas at the DCS offices.  In addition, we stock those spaces with age appropriate toys and with snacks for the children.
  • DCS Supply Closets – Cap the Gap stocks a supply closet at DCS offices in both Kingsport and Bristol with clothing, baby supplies and equipment, and other needed items for children who come there directly after being taken from their homes.